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Grow & Fortify
1783 Forest Drive, Annapolis MD 21401

We Guide

Entrepreneurs have great ideas. But town/county/state regulations, codes, laws and interpretations often stall progress. We develop and execute strategies to overcome challenges to get entrepreneurs to that ultimate goal: startup.

We Build

Industry organizations get things done. They unite individuals and businesses around common causes to create positive change. We grow and fortify organizations and develop campaigns and programs that support members.

We Educate

We should never stop learning. Neither should entrepreneurs or government officials. We share experience & knowledge upon which new ideas, regulatory interpretations and laws can grow.

We Advocate

Advocacy, lobbying, grassroots. Call it what you like, but it’s often necessary in order to change perceptions, regulations and law. Our work extends from Annapolis to county seats to town councils to get the results needed to grow business.

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